ANKARA ENERJİ OTEL, a pioneer of the business hotels of Ankara, the capital of Turkey. ENERJİ OTEL is located in the center of the city, Kızılay district. The first visitors have come to the hotel in 1970 with the name of Otel Apaydın back then. Nowayads, ENERJİ OTEL makes a significant contribution to business hotel management with its high standards.

There are 76 rooms, all designed with modern architectural approach. All rooms provide a sophisticated level of comfort and esthetics pleasure since ENERJİ OTEL aims to cover all the international hotel management standards both technically and services based.

ENERJİ OTEL has a professionally designed Turkish bath and a massage center which the visitors can take a rest and relief the stress from the routine business life. Moreover, thanks to the meeting rooms with the capacity of 20 people, the visitors can both arrange meetings and take a rest at the same location. There are several facilities in ENERJİ OTEL for the visitors to enjoy a beautiful time and rest. A 7/24 room service provides nonstop food and drinks to the rooms as visitors may enjoy the top notch quality food in the restaurants of the hotel.


ANKARA ROYAL HOTEL has 5 suites, 2 executive rooms with a private sauna, and standard rooms of a total number of 65. The hotel promises a beautiful and restful time for the visitors who come to the city for business or travel. All the rooms have the world standards regarding design and comfort.

ANKARA ROYAL HOTEL meets the quality standards for business hotels. Every room has an air conditioner, an LCD TV, wireless internet connection, special workplaces, satellite broadcast, minibar, a safe vault, and much more. There are specially designed rooms for disabled people in ANKARA ROYAL HOTEL.

There are 3 differently designed restaurants in ANKARA ROYAL HOTEL, each promises quality foods from differents parts of the world including Turkish cuisine. Visitors can also ask for a special menu prepared just for them.

There are several meeting rooms in ANKARA ROYAL HOTEL ranging from the capacity of 15 people to 350 people, suitable for both meetings and conventions. Also there is wireless internet connection in all the meeting rooms.