Founded in 2000, the limit of Mining Construction Commitments. Turz. Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. Locality of action for businesses licensed in Malatya Gelinciktepe diabase, and diorite blocks Monosite production, such that the blocks of stones and different surface procedures by taking part in various fabirklarda sells domestic and foreign markets. Furthermore, diabase, and diorite stones stone cube in preparation for the manufacture and sale of works going on.

Turkey is a country rich in minerals. In addition, some mines are among the important countries in the world. All of Turkey’s mines yet to be determined. Each year new evidence of the presence of mineral deposits.

Mining in our country’s current production, at its own industry kuruluşlarımızın requirement is not intended. Some of them are sold out in the raw or semi-processed form.

The operation of a mine to be profitable, “ore rate”, together with the amount must be specified.

Gelinciktepe resort district, in the central district of the province of Malatya Orduzu andesite, basalt, and diyabez Stove and management.

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