ŞiMŞEKLER CONSTRUCTION INC. founded in 1988, keeps its development process since its foundation, at the same time, our company that is one of the Reliable an Respectful companies in the construction sector maintains its works in conscious of its responsibility and mission in terms of the reconztruction of Turkey

Our firm was founded as a family company in Mus in 1988 with title of ŞiMŞEKLER CONSTRUCTION INC. In parallel with its development in the construction sector, our company changed into Incorporation. During the time elapsed, our company has reched more comprehensive structure and in present the company is a group of companies that comprises four companies.

Our company started its activities in the construction sector with the construction of the buildings. In the course of time, our company began to undertake and complete large scaled projects that create employment besirdes its economic gains especially in the field of irrigation investments.

Besides the employment it created, ŞiMŞEKLER CONSTRUCTION INC. also contributes to the economy of the country with the taŞes it pays. Our company that enlarged the working volume has realized many various projects from Irrigation constructions, Dams, Buildings, Urban infrastructure works to Road construvtion. and Industrial buildings. Conserding the human as the most important resource, our company that cooperated and united with its emplayees keeps its perserving works in a stable manner and the company increases its technical qualification and capacity day by day.

With its equipped technical staff, contemporary working fields and ever enlarging modern machine parking spaces, our companymaintains its works to be the best in the construction sector. Our company gained the appreciations of the respective associations via completing the short term pojects before its scheduled time.

It is important to mention that while performing the construction works, our company aimed the stasfaction of the employer and realized this aim in every work it undertook. Our main principle that is the main elements of the currentpowerful situation is to introduce the developments in the construction sector. Our target is to carry our company that was founded to provideregional service in 1988 and became one of the leading construction companies in the country to the third millennium on the sound principles and foundations.

I would like to extend my gratitude to the authorities and associations that gave the opportunity to realize their projects and to our employees that carried the company to its current powerful situation.